Sunday, June 14, 2009


I created you, I named you

I fed you, I nurtured you.

It’s plain for all to see

you are produced by me

my flesh and blood

with salty sweat showering like flood.

You are my pride and Joy

You are my BOY!

Two years we have been together

we traverse the country together.

Up north to Permatang Pauh, Penanti, Bukit Selambau

or to Malacca, Machap down south.

Recording fiery, witty speeches throughout

Day in night out, year in year out.

By and by thousands watch you

for their daily news on You Tube.

You have hits after hits

leaving viewers in fits.

You feed the Rakyat, hungry for alternative views

that is not found on TV 3 news.

Sleepy nights editing, uploading were routine beat

the hard work and sacrifices were worth it.

Never did I dream

one day you would be snatched from me

whilst you were in my arms.

It hit me hard, it hit me numb.

No one told me

no one ever asked me.

It sucks, it hurts, it pains me thrice

to find fame comes with a price.

It’s easy to ride on your fame

Without lifting a finger and claim

you as their own

and hijack you to their new home.

Thinking of you, day and night

sleepless nights.

I can’t get over

raiders took you over.

They have no right

absolutely no moral right

to take over your name

instead of getting their own name.

You are still mine

though they try to cast doubt on people's mind

for they have created your double.

But the Rakyat know who’s the double

who is the real Media

Only you my BOY, is the Original Media

Dedicated to Chan Chee Kong

Producer of Media

Copyright © reservedJune 15 2009

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